Welcome to the Drum Studio.  Dan has been a music teacher since 1994, and brings a wealth of experience. 

Rhythmic training.  


Hand drumming.  


Sticks and drums.


Classical, Jazz and World styles.

You and yours will see results and have a positive musical experience at Dan Kennedy Drums.

The studio is located in South Amherst, MA.  Typically beginners, students have lessons once a week from September to June.  Summer lessons are available.  A parent himself, Dan is building self-esteem in the student while building a classic technique.  Clear expectations are set -- and assignments are written down.  The parents do not need to know how to drum to assist their children in learning.  Beginners practice at home with sticks and drum pads, which are quiet. Over time students are introduced to other percussion instruments as well.

Students play drums with earnestness and intensity.  Boys and girls.  Please contact Dan for more information.

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